Landing Page Design 101

This is the first video of the landing page design 101 course for beginners. This is a 5-video series where we take a look at the most important aspects of landing page design. You should, at the end of each video, continue to the following lesson.

A landing page is any page that someone lands on after clicking on a call to action (CTA) online. Usually, landing pages are stand-alone web pages that are design to work with a specific marketing campaign.

We'll take a look at the the two types of landing pages you can build online: The lead generation landing page, and the click-through landing page.

A good landing page is a page without too much distraction. You have just a few links to the most important pages, such as legal pages, and only the elements necessary to keep the attention of the web visitor on the purpose of the page. This will help you increase the conversion rate of the page.

When building your landing page, you want to collect at least the web visitor's email address. This gives you the opportunity to keep talking to the prospect in the future and launch some sort of marketing action.

You should always try to give something of value with your landing page. You can do that with a lead magnet. Giving away a valuable lead magnet is the easiest way to collects prospects' contact information. However, this is applicable only on lead generation landing pages.

In the case of a click through landing page, web visitors will jump to another page down the marketing funnel. In this case, the initial landing page is designed as a bridge page to a different destination where you show the product or service you're offering. This type of landing page is usually used in eCommerce.

Finally, towards the end of the video, we'll take a look at the difference between the landing page at the homepage and at the importance of Ad Scent.

Ad Scent is the consistency between the ad and the landing page. The greater the Ad Scent, the more likely potential clients will take action and convert.

Go watch Lesson 2 of this mini course on landing page design 101.


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