The 10 Elements for an Effective Landing Page

This is the second video of the landing page design 101 course for beginners. The course includes five videos where we take a look at the most important aspects of landing page design. You should try to watch all five videos to have a complete understanding of the topic.

As we explored in the previous lesson titled "Landing Page Design 101", you can build two types of pages online: The lead generation landing page, and the click through rate landing page.

In this specific video, we'll take a look at the following important elements of any landing page.

With the the headline and the subheadline you'll focus on the strong value proposition of the landing page and the value you bring to you customers.

The image or video are your best assets to showcase value to potential customers. You can use some graphics here, but it's always best to use real photos of your product or service. The best case scenario here is when you can use assets that show your product in action used by a client or multiple clients.

Then we take a look at the call to action (CTA) section above the fold. This section will be different based on what type of landing page you use. In any case, use some strong language to make the CTA enticing.

You should be using a good amount of social proof just below the fold. In the video, we explore the importance of having customer testimonials just below the fold.

Below the social proof section you'll have the more benefits and/or more features section. Here, you're giving more context to the web visitor in case that's needed.

You will want to repeat the CTA at the bottom of the page, to give web visitors an opportunity to complete the action if they scrolled down the page.

Finally, the footer should be kept as simple as possible with just the necessary links to important pages. The footer should not distract web visitors from the main purpose of the page.

Go on and watch Lesson 3 of this mini course on landing page design 101.


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